Synthesis of Dynamic Characters with Motion Capture Data for Human Figure Animation: Educating the Police Force

SimPol VR start date: December 2009

Duration: 24 months

SimPol VR (Virtual Reality Police Simulator) is a research project funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation in the area of Computer Graphics and more specifically in the sub-area of Human Body Animation. The project focuses in investigating the usability and applicability of Virtual Reality in training special forces. It proposes the development of a platform using Computer Graphics techniques (as oppossed to the existing video-based system that is restrictive), for the creation of a 3D Visualisation Tool enriched with tools suitable for the formation and customisation of dynamic scenarios. The proposed platform will be used as a simulator for training purposes by the Cyprus Police Emergency Response Unit. The user of the platform will be able to fully participate, act and interact with the environment. To achieve the above, research will be carried out in the area of Computer Animation for realistic avatar movement as well as the realistic and dynamic change of facial expressions. Smoothing of the surfaces on the avatar models used is another area that will be targeted by this project work. Researchers from Frederick University, the University of Cyprus, P.A. College, the University of Nicosia and abroad will be involved as well as acting trainers from the Cyprus Police Emergency Response Unit.

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