What we are aiming in achieving through this work (scientific objectives) is:

  • the combination of the dynamics and the motion capture method for realistic human figure animation,
  • the smooth, automatic transition between the methods of the hybrid technique
  • the integration with the complete accurate modelling of the human body
  • the addition of facial expressions for defining the emotional state of the animated person
  • scientific evaluation of the system through empirical experimental methods

All of the above are going to be combined for the creation of a pilot system using graphics in a virtual reality setting (the application), that will provide:

  • the creation of a platform for the training of the policemen
  • the interactive virtual environment that displays realistic human motions
  • the possibility of adding/modifying scenarios locally
  • dynamically directing scenarios according to the trainees’ performance
  • group training of policemen in a networked system; collaboration in achieving their task
  • customisation with any requirement that the police force might have

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