WP7 – Platform Development & Testing

Once the integration of the full system is completed, the work will proceed to implement its initial application, basically the training of the police force on how to deal and react to different scenarios that they experience in their everyday police-patrol excursions. A small number of different scenarios – samples – are going to be implemented for the beginning, so that the testing could be initialised. Extended interaction with the police force will have to take place in this phase of the work. Demonstrations of this pilot system and analysis of its current and future capabilities with the appropriate department of the police force will be performed. Furthermore, a crucial part of this phase will have to be the flexibility of changing the scenarios dynamically based on the trainee’s behaviour and/or interaction. Experiments will be carried out with the potential user groups in order to validate the methodology. In particular we will focus on the extent to which people respond realistically to events and situations that they experience within the virtual environment [15,19]. The more that events are responded to as if they were real, the greater the likelihood that training carried out in the virtual reality will transfer to real life. People’s responses will be assessed behaviourally, with physiological responses to measure their stress, and also interviews.

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